Weldstuds  TIP ignition / capacitor dischargs weldstuds
 Schweißbolzen PT Stahl
 Schweißbolzen PT Va
Schweißbolzen UT Stahl
Schweissbolzen UT Va
Schweißbolzen IT Stahl
Schweißbolzen ITAl
Schweißbolzen Nagel Stahl
Schweißbolzen Nagel va
Schweißbolzen Flachstecker  
PT threaded weldstuds UT unthreaded weldstuds IT tapped weldstuds IS insulation pins flat plugs cupped head studs


These welding studs are welded with the AS 10xx or AS12xx welding equipment. The typical ignition tip gives the stud its name. As soon as current is introduced into the stud, it ignites the arc. Due to the extremely short welding times, these welding studs are optimally used on thin sheets with good surface quality. Depending on the application, the welded joint is invisible on the back of the sheet. The flange studs can be excellently automated.


Short cycle weldstuds

Schweißbolzen PS Stahl
 Schweißbolzen PS Va
Schweißbolzen US Stahl
 Schweißbolzen US Va

Schweißbolzen IS Stahl

Schweißbolzen IS Va

US threaded weldstuds

US unthreaded weldstuds

IS tapped weldstuds

Insulation pins Ø3-6mm 

 Clip Ø38 and other Ø  


These welding studs are welded with the AS 2xxx welding machines. Due to the very short welding time, these studs can also be welded on thin automotive sheets. The slightly stronger penetration also allows welding on round or curved surfaces, depending on the setting. Depending on the thickness of the workpiece, the usual welding tarnish is produced on the reverse side of the workpiece. These flange studs can also be excellently automated.




Drawn arc weld studs  shielding gas or with ceramic ferulle

RD reduced diameter PD pitched diameter DD full diameter ID tapped pins UD pins with protective ferulle

Spitzenzündungs Schweißbolzen

Drawn arc studs with ceramic ring as weld pool protection are used from a minimum stud diameter of 6mm. The main application in steel and plant construction is even possible up to sizes of 22mm weld diameter. An aluminum ball is used from 10mm for weld pool stabilization. These studs are positioned and fed by hand.
Suitable devices are available in the device class AS2xxx.

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