blowing effect

The blowing effect is the one-sided larger appearance of a weld seam on the stud. To achieve a hight quality weld structure, the blowing effect should be avoided in any case.

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The blowing effect is reinforced by long welding times and large studs and occurs due to various factors

In the following, you will find the types of blowing effects that can occur and how they can generally be avoided. However, this only serves as a basic overview in order to avoid negligent welding faults and in no case replaces a seminar about the stud welding process. We can offer you such semiars in diffrent topics command about stud welding and about our products on request. In a corresponding training course on blowing effects, we would teach you directly on your specific workpiece how you can avoid blowing effects. You can learn directly in practice to achieve ideal welding results for your application.

Furthermore, our entire stud welding technology and in particular our automation and automation components are optimized through years of experience and practical testing, to avoid blowing effects .

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blowing effect depending on external magnetic fields / interfering electric currents

External electric currents or magnetic fields, such as those generated by the cable of the studwelding gun, can produce blowing effects. In the case of the studwelding gun, the blowing effect occurs in relation to the cable. The blowing effect can be avoided by suitable cable guiding. Electric current cables are guided in such a way that they can compensate possible blowing effects.

Example: Guide the studwelder gun cable where material masses are in excess (see mass distribution of magnetizable materials).

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Blowing effect depending on wind / shielding gas streams

Wind or shielding gas streams can produce blowing effects in the direction of the stream (2). At extreme streams, the arc can even be blown off (1). Shielding from wind and the use of a suitable shielding gas device, such as the device for AS2901 or 2902, is essential in this case.

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Blowing effect on round components

There is also a risk of blowing effects on round components. We can advise you competently on solutions regarding blowing effects , with the help of a knowledge portfolio that has grown over decades.

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Mass distribution of magnetizable materials

If magnetizable materials are distributed on one side in the welding area, the blowing effect occurs in the direction in which there is an excess of mass. This blowing effect can be avoided by applying the compensation mass concept. Material imbalances can be compensated by ground connection on the opposite side. Similarly, blowing effects caused by a one-sided mass can be compensated by magnetic material on the other side.


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1) Cable guiding on the side of the mass excess

2) Compensating mass on the opposite side of the magnetic material excess


Blowing effect due to magnetic field of the welding current

Conditioned by mass distribution on one side, the magnetic field of the welding current causes a blowing effect on the opposite side. This blowing effect can be avoided by using a double-sided ground connection. In this way, blowing effects can be avoided in most cases.


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Blowing effect due to gravity

During welding with long welding times and use of large studs on vertical workpieces, gravity can cause a blowing effect on the bottom side of the welding.

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Tip: Use the blowing effect of the one-sided ground connection and balance the blowing effect with gravity.

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