Weld studs offer diffrent mounting options on weldable materials. Weld studs have the advantage that they can provide a stable and hidden mounting option. The types and applications are extremely diverse, so that just about any customer requirement can be met. Our assortment ranges from simple thread studs to internal thread studs, flat plug studs and special applications such as weldable balls.

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Tip ignition studs CD / capacitor discharge welding studs


These welding studs can be welded with the studwelder of the AS 1200 or 1266 series. The typical ignition tip provides the stud with its name. As soon as electric current is introduced into the stud, it ignites the arc. Due to the extremely short welding times, these welding studs are optimally used on thin sheets with good surface quality. The welding connection is invisible on the back of the worksheet, depending on the application. The flanged studs can be easily automated.

Our assortment:

 Schweißbolzen PT Stahl

Schweißbolzen PT Va

 Schweißbolzen UT Stahl

Schweissbolzen UT Va

 Schweißbolzen IT Stahl

Schweißbolzen ITAl

 Schweißbolzen Nagel Stahl

Schweißbolzen Nagel va

 Schweißbolzen Flachstecker  
 PT Thread welding studs  UT studs  IT Internal thread welding stud  IS Isolation nails  flatplugs plate pins



Short cycle welding studs

These welding studs can be welded with studwelder of the AS 21 series or 22 series. Due to the very short welding time, these studs can also be welded on thin automotive sheets. The slightly deeper fusion also allows welding on round or curved surfaces, depending on the aplication. On the back of the workpiece, depending on the thickness, dicoloration may occur. These flange studs can also be easily automated.

Our assortment:

 Schweißbolzen PS Stahl

Schweißbolzen PS Va

 Schweißbolzen US Stahl

Schweißbolzen US Va

 Schweißbolzen IS Stahl

Schweißbolzen IS Va


PS Thread welding studs US welding studs IS Internal thread welding studs  Iso pins Ø3-6mm  /  Clips Ø38 and more



Ceramic ring drawn arc welding studs

Drawn arc studs, with ceramic ring as fusion protection, are used from a minimum stud diameter of 6mm. The main application is in steel aplications and automation constructions. Even studs up to sizes of 22mm weld diameter are possible. An aluminum ball is used from 10mm for fusion soothe. These studs have to be manually positioned and fed. Suitable studwelder can be found in the AS 21 series or the AS 22 series.

Our assortment:



RD welding studs PD welding studs MD welding studs ID welding studs UD welding studs  welding studs with ceramic rings