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automation components

Do not worry about which components you need!
For the right selection and composition you need many years of experience
with stud welding tasks.
Just send us your workpiece drawing, photos, stud sizes, material
or just give us a call.
We will then make you a suitable quotation, which we will iteratively adapt to your needs in further discussions.


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AS-AK1 Automatic welding head

The welding head can be used in gap ignition and
short time process.
In the standard version, flange studs from
M3-M8 in lengths 6-30 can be used.

Larger or longer studs are possible by special adaptations.
Accessories such as spraying devices, support devices, mass tappets,
support tube and stud sensor extend the functionality

With its extremely narrow design of only 44mm the head allows
several welding studs at the same time, and is therefore the narrowest
welding head on the market

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AS Stud feeder

The VBZ 5000 stud feeder feeds studs with a cycle time of up to one second.
The universal unit can be equipped with conversion kits for flanged studs from M3-M8.
The supply pot has a diameter of
of 200mm for a sufficient quantity of studs.
Special bolts are possible on request


PS1 400

Pneumatic clamp PS1

due to its extreme force, sufficient contact pressure is created,
to safely transfer the extreme welding current of up to 15,000A to the workpiece.
The clamping claw is 30mm in height adjustable
and thus easily adapts to changing workpieces.

 PS3 Pneumatikspanner  

Pneumatic tensioner PS3

This 2-way tensioner with its sophisticated mechanics offers an excellent
compromise between best accessibility during insertion and a strong
clamping force. Workpieces can thus be removed more easily
or fed automatically.


Spray device

The spray device is used to wet the workpiece with release agent before welding.

The explosive expansion produces a cleaning effect.
This minimizes traces of soot and powder, so that only minimal cleaning is required afterwards.
Application--- > Tip ignition with emphasis on:
Stainless steel, aluminum, galvanic surfaces


 Pneumatikvorschub PV1  

Pneumatic feed PV1

Pneumatic working stroke (Z-axis)
Stroke 80mm with heavy duty ball bearing guide


PV2 500

Pneumatic feed unit PV2

This pneumatic feed combines the
pneumatic stroke of 80mm with
a manual height adjustment for
compensation of different workpiece heights

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Stud feeder

Depending on the size, you can feed approx.
20 welding studs by hand
The studs are then
CNC automatically in the sequence

 einwurfstation klein  


Manual insertion station

Here the bolts are inserted into the slide in the correct position,
the slider is actuated so that the pin falls into the
the feed hose, which is then closed again by the slide.

The system then picks up the stud after welding.

The manual insertion station is used for special studs and single studs, as
the set-up times are minimal.

Weiche 400  

Stud diverter

With the stud diverter, either two welding heads can be operated from one
 feeder, e.g. in multi-position systems.

Alternatively, one weld head can be fed from two feeders.
In this way, two different lengths of a welding stud at the same
diameter can be processed with only one welding head. For this purpose, a positioning
Z-axis is required to compensate for the length, and the studs should not
have a length difference > 10mm.