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2         Drawn arc studs

2.1       tecnical information

2.1.1        material

materials according  DIN EN ISO 13918 .
special material on request.   Ask for recomandations

Please order material certificate with the order for studs (DIN EN10204  (2.2 / 3.1)

  1. 1.mild steel 4.8 (S235)

Arnhold are produced in weldable steel material  4.8 (DIN EN 898-1)
Re ≥ 340 N/mm2 , Rm ≥ 420 N/mm2 , elongation A5 ≥ 15%,

  1. stainless steel (A2-50) SS304

stainless weldstuds are manufactures drom material  A2-50 (DINENISO 3506-1) .  Rp0,2 ≥ 210 N/mm2 , Rm ≥ 500 N/mm2 , elongation AL ≥ 0,6d,

further materials are  SS316 1.4401 (A4) , SS316TI (A5)   1.4571,     1.5415(16Mo3)

2.1.2        dimensions

Dimensions can be taken out of the table. Standerized studs are according to DIN EN ISO 13918.
Not covered studs are manufactured with most dimensions according to this standard

Drawn arc stud will shorten during the process. All length are based on the base length after welding.     
Unwelded studs are longer.

2.1.3        Aluminum ball and other flux

studs for ceramic ferulle weleding are fitted beginning from Ø 8-10 with an aluminum ball or other flux for desoxidation during the weld.

Drawn arc studs up to M12 can be welded without ceramic ferulle, but with shieldinng gas. In this case the customer has to order without aluminum flux for best results.

2.1.4        ceramic ferulle

drawn arc is carried out in most application with ceramic ferulle.The ferulle is a on use product and must be destroyed after welding. Stud and ferulle is delivered in a set.

Ceramics must be stored dry. A Drying after getting wet is not economic in most cases.

2.1.5        surfaces

drawn arc stud are delivered without surface in most times. Other surfaces are:

  1. zn galvanized
  2. zn galvanized, yellow passivated (chr6) (nicht RoHS konform)
  3. zn galvanized, blue passivated (RoHS konform)
  4. Cu + Ni
  5. Cu coppered

the surfaces 1-4  are mechanicaly removed to keep best welding results.

2.1.6        thread

threads are basicly cold formed and will fit to tolerance  6g without surface and 6h galvanized.


Arnhold-weldstuds are produced under quality control by coldforming and turning,

catalog (PDF)

 material and strenth:

4.8 A2-50 AlMg3 F23 CuZn37
Rp0,2 = 340N/mm2 Rp0,2 = 210N/mm2 Rp0,2 = 170N/mm2 Rp0,2 = 250N/mm2


stud material   base material      
ISO/TR 15608
Gruppen 1 bis 6, 11.1
ISO/TR 15608 Gruppen
1 bis 6, 11.1
ISO/TR 15608
verzinkte und metallbe
schichtete Stahlbleche,
max. Beschichtungsdicke
25 μm
(S235 verzinkt)
ISO/TR 15608
Gruppe 8
Reinkupfer und bleifreie
Kupferlegierungen, z.B.
CuZn37 (CW 508L)

Stahl  4.8
a b a b  

A2-50 (V2a)
A4-50 (V4a)

a b a b  


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